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About our Mission

Mission Statement

To serve humanity by providing relief to everyone and reducing mental stress. We believe that our ‘smart health care’ can bring lost values back to Humans. Earth is our precious home and we won’t let any pandemic spoil it.


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About our vision

Vision Statement

Our vision encompasses in developing a solution to combat COVID on a global level. Once we get enough support we will be launching ReliefMe globally so that anyone, in any corner of the world, would be able to verify COVID symptoms with only a few taps of their smartphone!

About our app

What Are We Developing?

We are building a mobile/web app solution that uses AI models to detect COVID-19 distinct cough and breathing sounds along with oxygen level from finger image oximetry.

Users provide audio and visual clips using smartphones for self screening and not only does the system provide a risk assessment but it also provides monitoring by connecting them to the health care system.

Features of our app

What Does It Do?

The successful outcome of this product will reduce the burden on the healthcare system by aiding in screening at very early stages.

Detecting COVID-19

Monitoring Patient’s Health

Connecting Patients with hospital

Future features of our app

What Will It Do?

In sha Allah, after the success of our first launch we will be introducing more features some of them are:

Predicting the location of upcoming COVID patient

With the help of recorded data predicting from where the next COVID patient will be rising.

Tracking Location of patient

Marking the location of patients and then track them in order to inform other users regarding presence of COVID patient around them

See more COVID infected areas

Highlighting the most COVID infected areas on map. So, the government can pool their resources in the most optimal way.

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